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Fat Reduction & Body Contouring

by Vanquish™

Vanquish™ is a revolutionary fat-reduction system that is unlike any other on the market. This non-invasive, painless treatment has been clinically proven to deliver incredible results without surgery, pain, or downtime!

Target Areas of Vanquish™ Treatments:

  • Abdomen & Flanks

  • Upper Arms

  • Upper Thighs

What is a Vanquish™ procedure like?

Vanquish is a completely safe and painless fat-reduction treatment. During the procedure, radio-frequency waves are sent into the targeted areas to heat and eliminate fat cells remotely. While patients may feel heat in the treated areas, it is not painful, and the device never touches the skin. Each Vanquish session takes approximately 45 minutes, and patients can return to their daily routine immediately afterward.

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish™?

Vanquish can be used on all skin types and is most often used to reduce unwanted fat deposits around the stomach and waist. If you are genetically pre-dispositioned to fat in the stomach, back, or thigh areas and have been trying but failing to lose weight in that area, then Vanquish is probably a good choice. However, Vanquish is not meant to help with obesity or general weight loss.

How many sessions are required?

For optimal results, we recommend a total of 4-7 sessions.

Say goodbye to frustrating fat and hello to a slimmer, more confident you with Vanquish™!

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